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The CBBF is Canada's only federally recognized governing body for amateur bodybuilding, fitness and body fitness (figure) competition. This is the only Canadian organization that qualifies competitors for competition at the three annual IFBB World Championships, and the only one that awards competitors an IFBB Pro Card. Participating in CBBF events means you are able to compete with the best athletes in Canada who qualify through stringent tiered systems in their host provinces and are judged by qualified provincial and national judges. Only those competitions that appear on our Events listing listing under each of the sections are sanctioned by the CBBF.

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AMATEUR OLYMPIA LATIN AMERICA, Mexico - Thursday, July 24, 2014

A big thank you goes out to OPA President Ron Hache for providing athletes, last minute, for competition at the Amateur Olympia Latin America, held in Acapulco, Mexico, June 14 to 15.

The following are placings of the OPA athletes:

Stacey Da Silva Ontario Canada Bikini fitness 7th Up to 164 cm
Darnell Williams Ontario Canada Men’s physique 1st place Up to 170 cm
Ian Valliere Ontario Canada bodybuilding 1st light heavy, and over all winner Up to & Incl. 100 kgs
Hassan Jama Ontario Canada bodybuilding 2nd in light heavy Up to & Incl. 100 kgs
Charlotte Clark Ontario Canada Figure fitness 2nd in the tall class Over 164 cm


2014 IFBB North American Championships - Monday, July 21, 2014

Information regarding the 2014 IFBB North American Championships may be found on promoter Gary Udit's web site.


Placing of CBBF athlete Louis Chartier at the Arnold Brazil Classic - Monday, April 28, 2014

We are pleased to announce that CBBF athlete from Quebec, Louis Chartier, placed 3rd in the Open Master Men’s Bodybuilding Division at the Arnold Classic South America, from April 25th to April 27th, held in Rio, Brazil.

Classic Bodybuilding Category - Bodyweights and Limitations - Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Classic Bodybuilding category, renamed as Olympic Bodybuilding due to its inclusion at the next coming Asian Beach Games from the Olympic program, and as well in other regional Olympic IFBB participation, is a fast growing and successful area of our sport.

Its participation has been fully implemented in most of the 189 IFBB Affiliated National Federations and in the Continental and World Championships.

In the following diagram is displayed the bodyweight specification in regards with the high of the athletes.  This graphic is part of the new IFBB Rules book to be released next may, bein currently in preparation by the Technical Team composed by our IFBB very skilful officials Pawel Filleborn, Rossella Pruneti and Andrew Michalak.

The 2014 IFBB World Classic Bodybuilding Championship is going to take place in Alcala de Henares, Spain, next December, 5-7.


IFBB Couples Bodybuilding at the World Level - Tuesday, April 15, 2014

From a discussion with the IFBB, due to the loss of Women’s Bodybuilding at the World level, Dr. Santonja stated the couples shall be made up of a Male Bodybuilder and either a Body Fitness (FIGURE) athlete or a Physique athlete. 

Important Announcement for the 2015 CBBF National Events - Thursday, April 3, 2014

The CBBF is excited to announce the 2015 CBBF Bikini, Figure, Fitness & Physique Championships will be held in Halifax, NS and promoted by the CBBF/NSABBA.
In addition the 2015 CBBF Canadian Bodybuilding Championships will return to Edmonton, AB, promotion once again by John Dirks.
Further information TBD. 

New CBBF Media Representative - Friday, March 28, 2014

The CBBF is very excited to announce our new CBBF media representative - Judi Stone Douglas, owner of Stone Photography Studio.

Judi and her team will be at the CBBF events and will be offering front stage photographs and backstage photographs, to athletes involved, as well as potential coverage of CBBF officials, etc.

Please view or website information on each of our national events, as they become posted, to access Stone Photography Studio.


New BCABBA President - Friday, February 7, 2014

Dear Friends:
Sandra Wickham has provided the CBBF and BCABBA with over 10-years of service and due to work commitments and other items has decided to step down as president of the BCABBA.

Dawn Alison who was the VP has been appointed to the position of president, Ross Webb will remain as the treasurer. Replacing Dawn in the position of VP is Tamara Knight.


Mark Smishek - CBBF President


Welcome the PEIFPA to the CBBF - Monday, January 27, 2014

The CBBF is very excited to announce the inclusion of the PEIFPA to our family of provincial associations and ultimately into our governing body the IFBB. 

Following years of attempting to gain a provincial association based in PEI, we are proud to announce the inclusion of the PEIFPA -, to complete the total Canada wide provincial representation into the CBBF.

The Board of Directors who provide the first leadership for PEIFPA are -
President: Josh Rioux
Vice President: Dr. Vince Adams
Treasurer: Susan Rioux
Secretary: Tammy Gallant
Along with Associate Directors Tom LeClair, Dave Follette, Carrie Weatherbie, Shannon Pineau and Mike Cameron who will guide the PEIFPA.
Along with IFBB Professional League Figure Athlete and Provincial Head Judge: Samantha Rioux.

The CBBF and IFBB would like to take this opportunity to thank all the individuals who have provided their time and expertise to lead the PEIFPA and we hope to see many athletes competing at the three CBBF national events during the years to come and one day to visit the wonderful province of PEI and attend a future CBBF national event.

To all of the PEIFPA we wish you the best in 2014 and hope to see you in the not too distant future. Welcome to the CBBF family!

Mark Smishek


Clarification regarding footwear and suits for CBBF national events & The North Americans - Tuesday, January 14, 2014

For those athletes who may be confused as to the changes in footwear/suits, the changes will occur ONLY  if you are selected to compete for the CBBF at any of the IFBB World Championships or any of the Arnold Classic events.
For any CBBF event or the North Americans, NO RESTRICTIONS on footwear or suits!

Any suits may be used, with female competitors wearing bikinis which must conform to accepted standards of taste and decency.

For BIKINI, the bikini bottom will cover a minimum of 1/3 of the gluteus maximus and bottom part of the frontal area. Strings and Thongs are strictly prohibited.

For ALL OTHERS the bikini bottom will cover a minimum of 1/2 of the gluteus maximus and bottom part of the frontal area.


Notification of approved bylaw changes to IFBB Amateur World events Rules - Monday, December 16, 2013

Here is the notification of approved bylaw changes to IFBB Amateur World events Rules.

This information is for events such as the four IFBB World Championships and followed closely by the Arnold’s Classic events.

A full list of the rules changes for IFBB International events can be found here.

Of particular interest to CBBF athletes is Proposals 4 and 6. Proposal 4 is that any suits may be used, with female competitors wearing bikinis which must conform to accepted standards of taste and decency.

For BIKINI the bikini bottom will cover a minimum of 1/3 of the gluteus maximus and bottom part of the frontal area. Strings are strictly prohibited. For ALL OTHER CLASSES the bikini bottom will cover a minimum of 1/2 of the gluteus maximus and bottom part of the frontal area.

Proposal 6 says that the soles of the shoes for BIKINI-FITNESS (Bikini), BODY-FITNESS (Figure) and WOMEN FITNESS categories cannot be more than 1 cm and the heels not more than 12 cm.

So for all Bikini and Figure competitors there are no restrictions on shoes and now no restrictions on suits (up to a point)!


Top 15 may compete at the 2014 Arnold Classic Events, worldwide - Monday, December 2, 2013

Following discussions with Dr. Santonja, President of the IFBB and Bob Lorimer, promoter of the Arnolds Classics during the 2013 IFBB World Championships, the CBBF decided to open from the 2013 three national CBBF events athletes who attained a top-15 position.
Rafael and Bob wished more CBBF athletes would compete not only to the Arnolds in Columbus, in addition Rafael would like to have CBBF athletes at the Arnold Brazil, held in Rio.
Therefore we will allow the top-15 from this year’s finished CBBF national events, 2013, to gain access to the 2014 Arnold Classic events.
Rafael stated the Brazilian Arnolds will be open only to athletes in North, Central and South America and would like to see large CBBF team.
We will still allow athletes who placed in 1st to 3rd, from the 2012 CBBF national events to request a letter, or past overall winners.
Thank you again for your competiveness and efforts making the CBBF an even greater federation in the IFBB.

Those wishing to register for the upcoming Arnold Classic shows can find more information at


2014 CBBF National Events - Tuesday, September 24, 2013

International Events Qualifier, Winnipeg, MB - Saturday, August 9th

Canadian Bodybuilding Championships, Laval, PQ - Saturday, September 6th 



CBBF Athlete's placing, World Championships - Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Jessica MacMilan (ON) - 8th place, Women's Body Fitness (Figure) Up to 163 cm, Women's World Championship

Carole Deziel (PQ) - 12th place, Women's Open Bodybuilding, Women's World Championship

Tom Heffner (MB) – 4th place, Men’s 60+ class, Arnold Classic Europe


Pro Cards and Top 5 positions for CBBF athletes placings from North Americans - Monday, September 16, 2013


Maria Mikola (ON)
Samantha Rioux (PEI)
Tamen Stuve (AB)

Open Figure B

1st Samantha Rioux (PEI)- IFBB Pro Card
2nd Jessica Macmillan (ON)

Open Figure E

5th Rachel Killam (BC)

Open Figure F

1st Tamen Stuve (AB)- IFBB Pro Card

Masters 35+ Figure B

2nd Jessica Macmillan (ON)

Masters 35+ Figure C

5th Kim Gramlich (AB)

Masters 35+ Figure D

5th Michelle Balcombe (ON)

Master 45+ Physique B

1st Maria Mikola (ON) – IFBB Pro Card

Open Heavyweight Women

3rd Dawn Alison (BC)
4th Robin Hillis (ON)
5th Heather Manuel (NL)

Men's 50+ LHW

5th Frank Grieco (ON)

Men’ Super heavy 35+

2nd Ron Partlow (AB)
3rd Kip Brown (ON)


Passing of Joe Weider - Monday, March 25, 2013

It is with sadness we learned on Sunday, March 24th of the passing of another legend from our sport, Joe Weider.

His brother, Ben Weider passed on in October of 2008 and on Sunday we lost another member of the founders of the IFBB and CBBF.

Dear Ben and Joe, you will me missed by all the IFBB, but especially by the CBBF and all Canadians.

Mark Smishek
CBBF Chairperson/President


Liquid Sun Rayz of Canada appointed as the Official Spray Tan Provider for the CBBF - Monday, August 6, 2012

The CBBF is happy announce that, commencing Jan 1, 2013, Liquid Sun Rayz (LSR) of Canada will be the Official Spray Tan Provider for all CBBF events.

LSR has quickly become Canada's leading competition spray tan provider, offering outstanding service and flawless tans to competitors in many provinces throughout the country, and the CBBF is proud to now feature LSR at all CBBF events in 2013 and beyond.

To learn more about Liquid Sun Rayz, please contact IFBB Pro Christina Mehling, at


Important Announcement Regarding CBBF Affiliation - Monday, January 9, 2012

Any CBBF member who is found to be working with or promoting organizations not recognized by the IFBB/CBBF has contravened its rules and/or by laws and may be subject to disciplinary measures. 

Professional athletes, judges, and officials from organizations not recognized by the IFBB/CBBF shall not be permitted to take part in or to promote their organizations in any capacity at CBBF or CBBF sanctioned events or those events conducted by CBBF affiliates.